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Videos from Natural Face™ Clinics

The videos below feature testimonials from actual patients of Natural Face™ Clinics from Syracuse, Clay, and the surrounding communities in Central New York.

Restore your hairline with NeoGraft® for natural, permanent results!

Get the answers to your cosmetic surgery questions with the Dr. Oz Wellness Network and Natural Face™ Clinics.

NeoGraft® provides a solution for hair restoration to get natural results with minimal downtime.hairline with NeoGraft® for natural, permanent results!

Dr. Oz describes ways to fight the natural aging process at Natural Face™ Clinics.

Gail discusses the good feeling she has after receiving the Natural Face™ Lift

Maureen Green’s thoughts on her Natural Face™ Lift

Maureen Green has an update on her thoughts regarding her Natural Face™ Lift

Gail describes the confidence she has received after having the Natural Face™ Lift