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Rhinoplasty in Utica, NY

Board-certified surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim of the Natural Face™ Clinics feature rhinoplasty for patients residing in Utica, NY.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Often called a nose job or nose surgery, rhinoplasty is a procedure that improves the appearance and/or function of your nose. Your nose is the most noticeable part of your face, and any abnormalities can greatly affect your confidence and appearance. Patients often turn to rhinoplasty in order to get the appearance they’ve always wanted and to make their nose fit the look of their face better. Rhinoplasty is performed for a number of reasons, such as to fix a disfigurement, to improve appearance or to help with breathing problems.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) Before and After Pictures Syracuse, Rochester, and Ithaca, NY

How Rhinoplasty is Performed?

Rhinoplasty procedures are carried out with the patient under local anesthesia along with mild sedation. However, for major procedures, the patient will have either general anesthesia or twilight sedation.

Depending on the patient’s specific case, the doctors will take either an open approach or a closed approach. The closed approach is sometimes referred to as endonasal. With the open approach, a procedure that’s favored among some doctors, the skin tissue is completely lifted from the nose, offering wide exposure. For revision rhinoplasty, the open approach is often used. However, for many other rhinoplasty procedures, the closed approach will likely be used.

At Natural Face™ Clinics, Dr. Kim specialize in the aesthetic enhancement of the face, head, and neck, exclusively for the residents of Utica, NY. Find out more by scheduling your personal rhinoplasty consultation today.

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