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The Natural Face™ Clinics Philosophy

Facial Plastic Surgery in Syracuse and Rochester, NY

We want to help your image reflect how you truly feel inside.

We do this by first listening to you.  Dr. Kim and his team share the core principle that the relationship we develop with you serves as the foundation for what we can achieve.  You will have one of our consultant specialists, who are your dedicated advocate and concierge, throughout your care with us.

We strive to be transparent and upfront with all of our patients.  It is part of our responsibility to help you develop realistic expectations and have a clear understanding of the benefits and limitation of the recommended procedures.  We have the skills, experience, and tools in both surgical and non­surgical ways to help you achieve your goal.  Our treatment plan will be a customized one specifically to meet your need, means, and wishes.

We specialize in cosmetic surgery of face, head, and neck, exclusively.  That is what we are passionate about and dedicated to providing.