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NeoGraft® Procedure in Syracuse, Rochester, and Ithaca, NY

Double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim of the Natural Face™ Clinics offer NeoGraft® hair restoration for patients residing in the Syracuse metropolitan area and Central New York cities including Ithaca, and Rochester.

Our practice has incorporated the NeoGraft® technology which is a minimally invasive, machine-assisted hair restoration procedure. We are the first and the exclusive hair restoration practice in the Syracuse, New York area to provide this technology. The NeoGraft® system allows a safer, effective, and more efficient way to perform follicular unit extraction. Compared to the traditional strip harvest technique, there is no risk for linear scar on the back of one’s head. Since no incision is made in the scalp, we do not need to use sutures or staples during the procedure resulting in a quicker recovery time.

Preparation of the donor site

The first step in the NeoGraft® hair transplantation procedure is trimming of the hair at the donor site (back of the head). The size of the hair transplantation and the hair density at the donor site will determine the surface area we need to prepare and trim.

If the patient has at least 2 inches in length of hair, we can trim the donor site such that the surrounding hair can drape back and camouflage the shaved scalp.

Anesthesia for the procedure

Because the procedure is less invasive than the traditional strip harvest technique, most patients require minimal sedation. For some patients, local anesthesia alone is sufficient for the procedure. Patients are awake throughout the case, and may take snack or bathroom breaks during the procedure.

This male patient underwent NeoGraft® hair transplantation for a total of 780 grafts. The patient had just about 2 inches in length of hair which is adequate to cover the trimmed area when the hair is allowed to drape back down.

Harvesting the donor hair

With the NeoGraft® system, the hair follicular unit is extracted individually. The motorized micro punch device allows safe and precise extraction of the hair follicle with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue. These grafts are then suctioned into a collection chamber where it is kept moist with saline.

NeoGraft® Procedure in Syracuse, Rochester, and Ithaca, NY

Recipient Site Creation

The rest of the procedure is similar to the traditional follicular unit transplantation. The surgeon designs and creates an individual site where the hair grafts will be placed. The surgeon must consider the angles, direction, pattern, and patient’s goal when designing and creating a natural appearing hairline and the density. Finely modified hypodermic syringes are utilized to create the sites where hair grafts will be placed.

Hair Transplantation Before and After | Rochester, NY

Meticulous slit creation incorporates the hair density, the angle of the hair departure, and pattern of the hairline to recreate the natural appearance.

Hair Graft Placement

The prepared follicular unit grafts are gently inserted into the recipient sites using a micro-forceps instrument.


At the end of the day, the patient’s head will be wrapped in a dressing. The patient may bring loosely fit hair gear or a scarf to wear over the head dressing as long as it does not touch the area where grafts were placed. Because the patient was under mild sedative during the procedure, they cannot drive home on their own. Most procedures typically take the morning and part of the afternoon and the patient will be discharged either home or to the hotel via shuttle (our office can arrange the hotel stay at a special rate). The patient will return to our office the following morning for removal of the dressing, and we will review the post-operative instruction together.

Hair Transplantation Before and After | Syracuse, NY

Double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim at Natural Face Clinics specialize in aesthetic enhancement of the face, head, and neck, exclusively. Patients come to see us from the Syracuse metropolitan area and Central New York area including Ithaca, and Rochester. At Natural Face Clinics, we specialize in restoring the youthful neck contour, tired appearance of the brows and eyes, and skin laxity. We offer customized treatment, both surgical and non-surgical, including facelift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), brow lift, neck lift, and skin resurfacing. Find out more by scheduling your personal consultation today.