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NeoGraft Hair Restoration Surgery

NeoGraft has helped one of Dr. Kim’s patient’s feel more like her younger self with the help of her hair restoration surgery. Watch this video to learn more!

Fifty-five-year-old Therese Brown began losing her hair six years ago.

“I know it’s difficult, I’m sure, for men to lose their hair, but for a woman, it’s really devastating.” (Therese)

Therese worse a wig the last few years, but she still felt self-conscious. Last month, she decided to make a change—with hair restoration surgery.

“It’s like brand-new hair that starts growing, and my hair will just thicken over time.” (Therese)

“We want to create the density coverage with the new set of hair.” (Dr. Kim)

But this was not a traditional hair transplant. Dr. Sang Kim performed the procedure using the follicular unit extraction method, or FUE.

“We’re really capturing individual hair follicles, and we’re borrowing from the area, typically the back of the head,where it’s resistant to the hereditary hair loss, and bring it to the area that is affected.” (Dr. Kim)

In the past, surgeons would remove a strip of the patient’s scalp and use manual instruments to harvest the hair follicles. This new procedure uses the NeoGraft machine that helps doctors remove individual hair follicles from the back of the patient’s head and transplant them to the balding areas.

In simplest terms, Dr. Kim says this NeoGraft machine allows him to perform the safest and most efficient hair transplant that’s also minimally invasive to the patient.

“What patients used to fear is potentially a linear scar at the back of the head, where that strip was harvested.We don’t have that risk because we’re not making any incisions.

“Dr. Kim says your hair will go through a shock phase for a few months, but then, it will start growing. And it will keep growing. He says it takes about one full year for the patient to see complete results.

But Therese says one month later, and she already sees a difference.

“I feel more like my younger self, you know, rather than an older woman losing her hair. It makes you feel somuch better.” (Therese)


Dr. Sang W. Kim

Harvard Trained, Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Sang W Kim, MD is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery, nasal/sinus surgery, and hair restoration surgery.

I was working in Central New York and had an upcoming event and needed to get 2 areas of Dystport done. They were able to accommodate my schedule( as it was short notice) Dr. Kim’s entire staff was so friendly and welcoming!! During the procedure , even Nurse Dan held my hand and kept me smiling the whole time!! I was incredibly impressed with Dr Kim as he made sure he took the time to explain the process as well as not “ being rushed” something I have experienced with previous Doctors. I live in Florida but will be seeing Dr Kim from now on, and will be recommending their office to my fellow New Yorkers! It’s been almost 2 weeks since my appointment and the results are amazing!!! So happy! Thank you so much Dr Kim, Mary and the rest of the staff !

- michele goodwin

Dr. Kim is a world-class facial plastic surgeon. I’ve been to the top surgeons in the country from Beverly Hills to Miami and I found Dr. Kim to be superior. His face and neck lift were flawless and so natural that no one could tell I had anything done, but everyone said I looked ten years younger. As Syracuse is a discreet location, I would highly recommend anyone who wants a top notch face and neck lift to fly in. His bedside manner is as fantastic as his work. I can’t recommend Dr. Kim enough. I think he is the best Facial plastic surgeon in the country.

- Shelly Cohen

I am very happy with Dr. Kim and all of his staff. Not only did I have a surgical procedure done but I also go there every week for allergy shots and they couldn't be nicer. And Dr. Kim is awesome - - great bedside manner! I highly recommend them!!!

- Sheila Guenette

57 years old and wanted to start my new path in life retired...not looking tired! I did extensive research and sought out 5 surgeon recommendations. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Sang Kim for several reasons: 1 - He specialized in and only performs /neck surgeries, 2 - Dr. Kim is younger and probably more newly established, but there was no doubt that he is a perfectionist and a professional in his field, 3 - He is patient and really listens. I felt confident and trusted that he was giving me his best recommendation for my concerns, 4 - He didn't try to push unnecessary or extra procedures, 5 - I was impressed by how obvious it was that Dr. Kim's administrative and medical staff liked him and respected his work. But most of all, I am extremely satisfied with the results of my face lift!

- Shannon F

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Kim. He is the most patient, professional, and personable physician I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Instead of being rushed through the practice, every member of his staff made me feel welcome and important from the moment I walked through the door. He wouldn't perform a single procedure on me until he fully answered every minute question I had (all of which he eloquently and candidly answered); you can tell that his formal training was exceptional. His bedside manner and skilled technique easily make him one of the best kept secrets in Syracuse. I have referred numerous friends to him who have also, in turn, referred their friends. Make the consult and see for yourself... you won't be disappointed!

- Deanna Hillman

Dr. Kim and his staff were incredible. I had a face lift done this past summer and I was treated with dignity and respect by everyone. Dr. Kim is an exceptional surgeon and one of the nicest and kindest doctors I have ever met. I had a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Dr. Kim and his entire staff. I recently went back to Dr. Kim for injections. Again my experience was wonderful. He explains everything he is going to do and what to expect. I didn't bruise and I love the fact that he doesn't overdo. He and his staff are just incredible. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

- Debbie Ely

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