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Natural Neck Lift in Syracuse and Ithaca, NY

Double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim and Dr. Douglas Halliday of the Natural Face™ Clinics offer the Natural Neck Lift for patients residing in the Syracuse metropolitan area and Central New York cities including Ithaca and Rochester.

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What Is a Natural Neck Lift?

Also referred to as submentoplasty, a Natural Neck Lift is designed to get rid of sagging muscle and skin in the neck area. Typically, submentoplasty is designed for patients aged 50 or younger who exhibit a loose platysma muscle – a plate-like muscle that is situated in the cervical and jaw regions of the neck and mouth. The muscle, when separated, causes jaw depressions and neck wrinkles to form.

Natural Neck Lift Before and After Pictures Syracuse and Ithaca, NY

How Is a Natural Neck Lift Performed?

A submental incision is placed beneath the chin. Any neck fat can then be removed through a liposuction process. The muscle is then tightened to tone and define the neck. For patients with signs of more advanced wrinkling (such as a turkey neck), a neck lift is performed that involves re-suspension, tightening, and toning.

What Is the Average Recovery Time?

Initial recovery for a submentoplasty takes about seven to ten days.

What Are Some of the Benefits of the Natural Neck Lift?

When a Natural Neck Lift is performed, wrinkles are removed, and sagging skin is toned and tightened in the neck and facial areas. The procedure uses minimal anesthesia, which is combined with a relaxing sedative. Very small incisions are placed beneath the natural creases in the ear area and beneath the chin. Minimal downtime makes this therapy an ideal choice for a busy professional in good health.

How Much Does a Natural Neck Lift Cost in Syracuse?

The costs involved with a Natural Face™ procedure can vary depending on the extent of the treatment necessary to achieve optimum results.  Having our own private on-site surgical facility allows our patients to save money by including all the before and after care, operating room costs, and the local anesthetic fees together.  Natural Face™ Clinics accepts all major credit cards.  We can also assist if you need financing through CareCredit®.  Please call and ask for our concierge services for assistance with financing.

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Double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim and Dr. Douglas Halliday at Natural Face Clinics specialize in aesthetic enhancement of the face, head, and neck, exclusively. Patients come to see us from the Syracuse metropolitan area and Central New York area including Ithaca, and Rochester. At Natural Face Clinics, we specialize in restoring the youthful neck contour, tired appearance of the brows and eyes, and skin laxity. We offer customized treatment, both surgical and non-surgical, including facelift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), brow lift, neck lift, and skin resurfacing. Find out more by scheduling your personal consultation today.

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