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Laser Skin Rejuvenation in Syracuse and Ithaca, NY

Double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim and Dr. Douglas Halliday of the Natural Face™ Clinics, provide SkinLaze™ skin rejuvenation for patients residing in the Syracuse metropolitan area and Central New York area including, Ithaca, and Rochester. SkinLaze™ therapy is provided in the form of skin rejuvenation treatments and laser hair removal, also referred to as RevitaLaze™.

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What Is Included in the SkinLazeTM Offering of Treatments?

Developed by Dr. Halliday, the RevitaLaze™ Laser Skin Rejuvenation systems and the ExpressLaze™ Laser Hair Removal process provide revolutionary and innovative treatment options for patients seeking convenient alternatives for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and removing hair.

Both Dr. Halliday and his qualified staff of certified laser technicians and aestheticians offer skin rejuvenation and hair removal services that are as innovative as they are effective. These services are supplemented by the use of chemical peels or skincare products that are medically endorsed.

The SkinLaze™ treatment systems provided at Dr. Halliday’s office at the Natural Face™ Clinics in Syracuse include RevitaLaze™ Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Ultherapy® Skin Tightening and Lifting (ULaze™), Fractional Skin Resurfacing, Spider Vein Treatments (VeinLaze™), and Age and Sun Spot Laser Treatments. In addition, Select Dermaplaning and Advanced Microdermabrasion are offered as well – all of which are meant to support a customized treatment approach.

What Is Laser Skin Rejuvenation or RevitaLazeTM?

Non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation is advocated for the treatment of spider veins, acne scars, rosacea (skin redness), pigmentation abnormalities, and the elimination of wrinkles or fine lines. The treatment uses a beam of light to promote the production of collagen, which is necessary for keeping the skin smooth and toned. As one ages, the manufacture of collagen is reduced, thereby making it necessary to utilize a treatment that stimulates the production of this natural protein.

Collagen is required to keep connective tissues elastic and firm, all of which supports the need for the RevitaLaze™ therapy. Plus, laser skin rejuvenation is non-invasive and, therefore, enables patients to see visible results in a smaller amount of time and, generally, at a lower cost.

How Is Laser Skin Rejuvenation Different from Laser Skin Resurfacing?

While laser skin resurfacing removes dead skin cells or skin, skin rejuvenation uses a gentler type of laser, thereby making the procedure a safe and effective process. When laser rejuvenation is used, the light of the laser promotes the production of collagen by passing through the epidermis or the outer layer of skin. After the treatment is completed, the protein substance continues to multiply. As a result, wrinkles and scars become less visible over the passage of time. Because the “cool” light does not injure or affect the epidermis, the downtime or healing process is minimized.

How Long Does Laser Rejuvenation Take?

Each appointment takes no longer than fifteen or thirty minutes, depending on the extent of therapy. Therefore, patients can undergo the SkinLaze™ treatment during their lunch hour and resume normal activities. If you require more intense therapy or a procedure that includes a spa treatment, then the procedure may take as long as an hour.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Typically, patients schedule three to five treatments over three-week intervals.

What Is the Recovery Time?

Recovery or healing for this type of ablative treatment takes about two weeks.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

Usually, the process will not prevent future wrinkling, but you will see an elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, including the reduction of any skin issues, such as acne scars or sun damage.

How Much Does Laser Skin Rejuvenation Cost in Syracuse?

The costs involved with a Natural Face™ procedure can vary depending on the extent of the treatment necessary to achieve optimum results.  Having our own private on-site surgical facility allows our patients to save money by including all the before and after care, operating room costs, and the local anesthetic fees together.  Natural Face™ Clinics accepts all major credit cards.  We can also assist if you need financing through CareCredit®.  Please call and ask for our concierge services for assistance with financing.

Double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim and Dr. Douglas Halliday at Natural Face™ Clinics specialize in aesthetic enhancement of the face, head, and neck, exclusively. Patients come to see us from the Syracuse metropolitan area and Central New York area including Ithaca, and Rochester. At Natural Face™ Clinics, we specialize in restoring the youthful neck contour, tired appearance of the brows and eyes, and skin laxity. We offer customized treatment, both surgical and non-surgical, including facelift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), brow lift, neck lift, and skin resurfacing. Find out more by scheduling your personal consultation today.

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