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Hair Transplant in Utica, NY

Dr. Sang W. Kim, board-certified surgeon with the Natural Face™ Clinics, offer hair transplants for patients living in or near Utica, NY.

Our Surgeons Offer Both Types of Hair Restoration Techniques

The Strip Harvest Technique

The strip harvest technique is the most common type of follicular unit hair transplantation. Here’s how it is performed: First, a narrow, horizontal strip of hair-bearing scalp is removed. Usually, this strip is less than an inch wide but may run from ear to ear if more extensive hair transplantation is necessary.

After the strip of scalp is removed, the wound is stitched up to promote quick healing and reduce the potential for scarring. The stitches will be removed after 10 days. Once the incision heals, some hair will grow through the scar and other hair will grow around it. As long as the patient keeps his or her hair at least an inch long, the scar will not be noticeable. With the strip harvest technique, more extensive hair transplantation can be done for the same cost, making it an attractive option for some patients.

Follicular Unit Extraction Technique

During a follicular unit extraction, the individual hair follicle is removed from the back of the head and transplanted. When this procedure was previously performed, the hair follicles were removed using very small instruments called punch grafts. This was a complicated and labor-intensive procedure.

Now, however, our surgeons are proud to offer a better option, using NeoGraft® technology, a minimally invasive, machine-assisted process. We are the first and only practice in the area to offer this technology. The NeoGraft® system is a safer, more efficient and more effective technique for follicular unit extraction. We don’t have to make an incision or stitch up the scalp when we use this procedure, eliminating the risk of scarring and leading to a faster recovery.

At Natural Face Clinics, Dr. Kim specialize in aesthetically enhancing the face, head, and neck for residents of Utica, NY. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation and to find out more.

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