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Hair Transplant in Ithaca, NY

If you are constantly frustrated by thinning hair in or around the Ithaca, New York area, there is hope for you to have the full head of hair that you have always wanted, even if you have already tried techniques in other areas that simply didn’t work out for you. At Natural Face™ Clinics, board-certified surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim are waiting with the latest technology to help you get that full, beautiful head of hair that you’ve dreamed about having since it started thinning so many years ago. In fact, we specialize in both the follicular unit extraction technique and the strip harvesting technique, both of which have been proven to work well for decades.

Strip Harvest Technique

This is the technique that has been in use for so many years and it has proven to be effective time and again. Typically, a strip of hair is removed from the scalp, near the base of the skull. That hair is then transplanted to another area of the scalp where hair is having trouble growing. Soon, the transplanted region takes hold, and once the hair grows out, it is almost impossible to see the scar from the original procedure. More often than not, the incision is only about 1 centimeter wide and is stitched up using a special technique that allows it to heal much more quickly and with less scarring than traditional techniques.

Follicular Unit Extraction Technique

This is like a much more detailed version of the strip harvest technique. Instead of removing an entire strip of the scalp, individual follicles are transplanted, hence its name. This is sometimes more effective than the other technique, and it results in less scarring. However, it can take a much longer amount of time to effectively transplant all the hair that needs to be moved in order to see results. The difference is that when you make an appointment at Natural Face™ Clinics, Dr. Kim is capable of transforming this technique into something that you might not experience in any other location. It is known as the NeoGraft® technique. Essentially, it uses a machine to perform the follicular unit extraction technique as opposed to doing it by hand. This speeds up the process and makes the results more effective. It also practically guarantees that you won’t have to deal with scarring.

Of course, no one wants to deal with thinning hair or bald spots. A hair transplant can change all of that. It can help take years off your appearance and make you feel as if you are as young as you look. If you live in Ithaca and are tired of dealing with issues surrounding your thinning hair, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kim at Natural Face™ Clinics right away.

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