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Plastic Surgery Financing

Our commitment is to provide each and every resident in Syracuse, Clay and the surrounding communities in Central New York the opportunity to take advantage of the many affordable payment options available in today’s aesthetic marketplace. Many clients prefer the option of financing their laser hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments over time and choose to do so through a cosmetic financing company such as CareCredit®. Cosmetic financing companies were created for those who don’t want to tie up their traditional credit sources with healthcare-related expenses or who simply can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket healthcare charges at one time.

Natural Face Clinics

You don’t have to delay the treatments you really want. Natural Face™ Clinics offers access to several options that allow you to make low monthly payments over an extended period of time, and applying is easy.

Natural Face™ Clinics is a qualified CareCredit® facility. Most of our clients are either familiar with or already have an existing CareCredit® account. CareCredit® only works with Doctors, Dentists, etc.,so they are very specific about the doctors they work with and the services they allow. If you have an existing CareCredit® account, simply provide the account number to your Natural Face™ Clinics representative and you can begin treatments right away!

If you do not have a current CareCredit® account, you can easily apply and get an instant answer back with your line of credit by clicking here.