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Facial Plastic Surgery in Rochester, NY

Oliver Culver House 1816

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Oliver Culver House
70 East Boulevard,
Rochester, NY 14610

Mr. Oliver Culver was born in 1778, and he was one of the early pioneers of Rochester.  His legacy for the city of Rochester includes establishment of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on Fitzhugh Street, laying down the grand East Avenue in the heart of the national historic district, and early log-school house near the Indian Landings.  He amassed his fortune by building the first canal boat and shipping vessels for a trade route connecting the Great Lakes along the canal system.  Later in his life, he also served in State Legislature.  From his humble origin, through his hard-work, pioneering spirit, and vision, he was able to establish a distinguished legacy – figuratively and literally –  paving the ground for the city of Rochester.

Our Rochester office at the Oliver Culver House is located at the crossing of East Avenue and East Boulevard within the Historic Preservation District of Rochester, New York.  It is a fully-restored, elegant, Federal style residential structure, parts of which were built in 1805 and fully completed in 1816 by Mr. Oliver Culver.  It was later listed in the “One Hundred Most Beautiful Rooms in America” (Helen Comstock, Viking Press, 1958).  The Oliver Culver House is the oldest residential structure in Rochester, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places at the Library of Congress.

Facial Plastic Surgery in Rochester, NY Facial Plastic Surgery in Rochester, NY

We established the Rochester office to provide a private and comfortable space for our patients who seek consultation in cosmetic facial plastic surgery, including non-surgical facial treatments, and hair transplantation.

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