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Facelift in Utica, NY

Natural Face™ Clinics’ board-certified surgeon, Dr. Sang W. Kim is adept at performing the Natural Face™ Lift for patients living in Utica, NY.

What Is A Natural Face™ Lift?

The Natural Face™ Lift, technically known as a rhytidectomy is one of the newest types of facelifts that cosmetic surgeons perform. The surgeons at Natural Face™ Clinics frequently perform this particular facelift because of the many benefits that it offers patients. When you choose to get this type of facelift, you won’t have to put your life on hold as long since very little downtime is involved with it, and you also won’t have to undergo as much anesthesia either. This type of facelift is performed by strategically making small incisions in front of the ear and then behind it so that it’s not visible at all. Most of the people who tend to get this type of facelift tend to range between 30 years old and 80 years old.

How Is The Natural Face™ Lift Different From A Traditional Facelift?

The Natural Face™ Lift separates the area that’s going to be lifted into two segments, which makes it so that the cosmetic surgeon doesn’t have to adjust the neck area. Rather, he or she only adjusts the skin around the jaw and mouth. This innovative new way of performing a facelift keeps patients from getting an end result that is too tight and pulled, giving them an unnatural appearance and making it obvious that they had a facelift. Instead, patients will have a subtly lifted look that appears more natural.

What Types Of Procedures Are Included In Natural Face™ solutions?

The specific types of procedures you should have done depends on what type of facial rejuvenation you’re looking for. For instance, people who want to reduce sagging and other issues around the brow area might get the facelift along with blepharoplasty while people who want to reduce sagging skin and muscle around the facial and neck areas might get the facelift along with submentoplasty.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Natural Face™ Lift Therapy?

The most beneficial aspect of the Natural Face™ Lift is that patients will be able to get tight and toned skin around the neck while also reducing their frown lines and wrinkles. Plus, when the facelift is used with laser resurfacing, those results are maximized to make the facial area even more toned. The Natural Face™ Lift takes the place of three separate procedures, an eye lift, neck lift and facelift, by addressing all these issues in one procedure.

At Natural Face Clinics, Dr. Kim specializes in the aesthetic enhancement of the face, head, and neck, exclusively for the residents of Utica, NY. Find out more by scheduling your personal Natural Face™ Lift consultation today.