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Facelift in Niagara Falls, NY

Board-certified surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim of the Natural Face™ Clinics provide Natural Face™ Lift treatments for patients in the Niagara Falls NY area.

What Constitutes a Natural Face™ Lift?

The Natural Face™ Lift performed by Natural Face™ Clinics is a groundbreaking facelift (rhytidectomy) procedure. The process lessens downtime, requiring only small amounts of anesthesia. Incisions, meticulously hidden in natural creases, are inserted strategically along the front and rear sections of the ear. Those searching out this line of surgery range from 30 to well over 80 years old.

How is The Natural Face™ Lift Different From the Traditional Facelift?

The Natural Face™ Lift separates the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) into two individual segments. Creating these superior and inferior segments, allow surgeons to adjust the jaw and mouth without involving the neck. This avoids an unnatural appearance that may be created when the neck is pulled around the mouth and mid face area. Consequently, choosing a Natural Face™ Lift can provide patients with the amazing results, enhancing the facial appearance, with quiet, delicacy.

Procedures Included in Natural Face™ Lifts

Procedures are based upon patient goals. A progressive Extended Natural Face™ Lift is designed for those with minimal signs of aging. This procedure is combined with submentoplasty to tighten sagging skin, strengthening muscles along face and neck regions. Surgery may be presented as an option for brow enhancement. The use of blepharoplasty assists in bringing the upper and lower brows into beautiful positions.

Benefits of Natural Face™ Lift Therapy

When undergoing a Natural Face™ Lift, patients receive the benefit of tighter more evenly toned skin around neck areas. Frown lines and wrinkles are lessened, giving a much younger appearance. Laser resurfacing is also an option, complementing the skin, producing a tighter, better-toned complexion. These combinations provide alternatives to individual eyelifts, neck lifts, and facelift surgeries. Medical grade products for the skin assist in maintaining the revitalized look provided by the Natural Face™ Lift.

Dr. Kim of Natural Face™ Clinics dedicate themselves to the aesthetic augmentation of the face, head, and neck, exclusively for the residents of Niagara Falls, NY. Find out more today by contacting us for your personal Natural Face™ Lift evaluation.

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