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Facelift in Ithaca, NY

Board-certified surgeon Dr. Sang W. Kim of the Natural Face™ Clinics feature the Natural Face™ Lift for patients residing in Ithaca, New York.

What Is A Natural Face™ Lift?

Those embracing the idea of looking years younger opt for a facelift procedure to meet the goal of taking years off their face. Some people who what a facelift do not want the inconvenience of downtime and healing period to get back to their life. Rhytidectomy, known as the Natural Face™ Lift at the Natural Face™ Clinics, is an innovative technique that decreases healing time. This method uses much less anesthesia, and these skilled surgeons hide any micro incisions needed during the process behind the ears. Clients in the age range of 30 to 80 years show excitement and jubilation over the results of their younger looking face.

How Is The Natural Face™ Lift Different From A Traditional Facelift?

The skilled surgeons use the state-of-the-art procedure so that the patient sees no pulling of skin on the face or neck areas. Facial and neck skin looks youthful and natural. The Natural Face™ Lift procedure divides this technique into two separate systems called a superior and inferior segment or musculoaponeurotic system. The surgeon can adjust the jaw and mouth independent of the neck. The result is an enhanced and subtle youthful facial appearance.

What Types Of Procedures Are Included In Natural Face™ Solutions?

The patient sets their goals for what they desire under consult of the physician. One method is called the progressive Extended Natural Face™ Lift, which the doctor recommends for people who have moderate signs of aging. The doctor may recommend those patients who display loose, sagging facial and neck skin and muscles a procedure called submentoplasty in combination with the Natural Face™ Lift. The doctor may recommend to patients a brow or eyelid lift called a blepharoplasty. Added to these methods is a technique called laser resurfacing which complements the new youthful facial and neck appearance. All of these processes are an alternative to having individual procedures done separately on the eyes, brow, face, and neck.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Natural Face™ Lift Therapy?

Anyone wanting a facelift stands to benefit a great deal by undergoing the Natural Face™ Lift procedure. Patients say they realize a tightened and toned skin throughout the face and neck. This tightening removes wrinkles and frown lines without leaving the skin looking unnatural. To help these procedures remain at the maximum level of youthfulness medical grade skin care products are available. These products help to give the appearance of the skin a fresh and revitalized look every day.

Board-certified surgeon Dr. Kim is a highly skilled doctor at The Natural Face™ Clinics. They specialize in the aesthetic enhancement of the face, head, and neck for residents of Ithaca, New York. Contact them today.

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