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Facelift in Buffalo, NY

Residents of Buffalo, New York, can visit Dr. Sang W. Kim, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon at the Natural Face™ Clinics for a Natural Face™ Lift procedure.

What is a Natural Face™ Lift?

If you are interested in looking younger, a facelift can erase the signs of aging from your face. If you have considered having cosmetic surgery but you don’t have time to slow down while your face recovers from surgery, rhytidectomy, also known as the Natural Face™ Lift and performed at the Natural Face™ Clinics, may be the answer you are seeking. This cutting-edge procedure actually decreases downtime after surgery. Using less anesthesia and miniscule incisions behind the ears, the Natural Face™ Lift allows you to heal quickly after surgery. It has been performed on patients ranging in age from 30 to 80 years old with excellent results.

How is the Natural Face™ Lift Different from a Traditional Facelift?

Unlike a traditional facelift procedure, the Natural Face™ Lift doesn’t show any visible signs of the skin being pulled taut on areas of the face or neck. Your facial and neck skin will look natural and younger. This is accomplished because using this technique allows the surgeon to adjust your mouth and jaw independent of your neck. This leaves your end results looking much more natural than with a typical traditional facelift.

What Types of Procedures Are Included in Natural Face™ Solutions?

If you are interested in achieving a more youthful appearance, the first step involves setting up a consultation with your plastic surgeon. If you have moderate signs of aging, the doctor could suggest the progressive Extended Natural Face™ Lift. It is often recommended that people who have substantially loose facial and neck skin or sagging facial muscles undergo a procedure called a submentoplasty along with the Natural Face™ Lift. It is also possible to receive a blepharoplasty, commonly referred to as a brow or eyelid lift in conjunction with the Natural Face™ Lift. Some patients also choose to receive laser resurfacing at this time, for a more even skin tone on their newly youthful face. The wonderful thing about getting a Natural Face™ Lift is that it is so minimally invasive it makes it possible to get several other facial procedures done in tandem.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Natural Face™ Lift Therapy?

Most patients report that they immediately noticed a difference in the tightness of their skin on their face and neck. With newly tightened skin, wrinkles and frown lines are minimized in the most natural looking way possible. It is easy to maintain your newly youthful appearance using medical quality skin care products that moisturize and refresh your skin on a daily basis.

If you live in Buffalo, New York, and you are concerned about the state of the skin on your face and neck, come and see Dr. Sang W. Kim, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon at the Natural Face™ Clinics. They specialize in giving their patients back their youthful appearance and beautiful skin.

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