Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) Before and After Pictures

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Case 6

Case 7

Case 8

Case 9

Case 10

Case 11

With the rhinoplasty procedure, our patient was able to improve both her nasal airway and the aethetics of her nose. The pictures on the right was taken about 6 months after the surgery.

Case 12

Case 13

case 14

Rhinoplasty was performed to reduce the hump on and improve the drooping tip of her nose. The pictures on the right were taken 6 months after the procedure.

Case 15

Case 16

This is a 25-year old patient who came to see Dr. Kim for a problem related to his nose. The patient had a history of numerous sport-related traumas to his nose, and now was dealing with chronic obstruction of his nasal airway. One can also appreciate the external crooked appearance of the nose. The patient underwent functional septorhinoplasty. Immediately following his surgery the patient began to breathe through the obstructed nasal passage (his right). Subtle improvement in external apperance is also appreciated. Pictures on the right are about 1 month after the procedure.

Case 17

Patient is a martial artist with history of multiple trauma to the nose. His main concern was that he cannot breathe out of his nose. After detailed evaluation, Dr. Kim recommended that patient would benefit from functional rhinoplasty via open approach with septoplasty. The picture on the right is about 2 months after functional rhinoplasty with Dr. Kim to improve the nasal airway of the nose. While the intent was to improve the function of the nose, improvement in appearance is also noticeable.

Canon EOS T3i 1/160 F10 ISO Auto / 1600-3200 on EFS 18-55 len. All photos are untouched original files with patient written consent for Dr Kim. Any unauthorized use, copying, or diseminating of the photos without written consent is strictly prohibited.

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