Chin Implant Before and After Pictures in Syracuse and Ithaca, NY

Case 1

Chin is an important bony landmark that sets the ground for facial aesthetics, especially on the profile view. Weak chin projection obscures the youthful neck angle, and it can also make the nose look larger. Sometimes, chin implant can be performed simultaneously with nasal surgery or face/neck lifts to re-establish the ideal aesthetic proportion.

Case 2

This patient had a face lift procedure by another surgeon. However, she was not fully satisfied with the result. She wished to have more refined angle between the chin and neck. She underwent chin implant with Dr. Kim. Pictures on the right were taken 1 months after the procedure. She achieved improved neck profile with enhanced chin projection from the implant.

Canon EOS T3i 1/160 F10 ISO Auto / 1600-3200  on EFS 18-55 len.  All photos are untouched original files with patient written consent for Dr Kim. Any unauthorized use, copying, or diseminating of the photos without written consent is strictly prohibited.

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